DEMETRIOS KOUSATHANAS Aλιτι μιπεσ μια βραδια Jam session in Mykonos Greece

Demetrios Kousathanas of the popular Greek band "Demetri and the Islanders with Stelios Markogiannakis on the television show "Follow the Sun"


Demetrios Kousathanas singing ΓΙΟΡΤΗ ΖΕΙΜΠΕΚΗΔΩΝ during a segment relating to Asia Minor at Ruth Eckerd Hall Clearwater Florida

Summertime Breeze

Summertime Breeze is a new release by the renowned Greek/American performer/composer Demetrios Kousathanas. Summertime Breeze uniquely blends beautiful harmonies, Bouzouki, with an upbeat tempo and catchy rhythm encompassing a potpourri of musical influences that will leave listeners spellbound

Love Is a Dangerous Thing

Over 16,000+ units sold to date!!

Love is a Dangerous Thing is an original Europop/Rap by the Greek recording artist Demetrios Kousathanas.  Although Demetrios is well known for his performances of Greek music, this release exemplifies his versatility and multi faceted talent

My Love Or My Enemy?

My Love or My Enemy—Original Europop song by Demetri

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Summertime BreezeText Box: Demetrios Kousathanas and Michael Savidakis of the popular Greek Band “Demetri and The Islanders” performing the ZZ Top classic “Sharp Dressed Man” in costume at the Pan Cyprian Apokreatiko Glendi (Mardi Gras) in Tarpon Springs Florida  ##