Tip #4                                                                                                                                                                 Please make every effort to maintain a flow of momentum 
This may seem like an unusual tip but in an effort to ensure that the event is festive and fun, it is essential that abrupt interruptions be kept to a minimum. As entertainers we strive to create and maintain a festive atmosphere with a perpetual aura of celebration, dancing, and enthusiasm. Having a dance floor full of individuals who are having a good time is a rewarding experience for all involved and requires a variety of variables to achieve this goal. Please assess the situation and weigh the importance of halting momentum by stopping the music abruptly. If it is necessary for the music to stop, please let us know in a subtle manner and allow us to properly close out the song. Experience has shown that the least amount of stoppages provide for a more festive occasion. If the event calls for a presentation or speeches, it is best to do them consecutively and not to stopping and starting the presentation as well as the music. 



Event Tips



Always leave ample space in front of the band set up area. This is not only limited to where the

musicians are but more importantly where the loud speakers would be as well.  It is never a good idea to set up tables (including head table) in front of an area where music will be projected.  We always strive to keep the volume at a reasonable level and have been complimented throughout the years for achieving this objective, however it has caused great frustration and angst not only for those in close proximity but for the band as well when there are individuals seated right in front of the speakers.  A good rule of thumb would be to have an open space of 20% minimum relative to the venue.  The open space leaves the necessary room for dancing as well which surprisingly is often overlooked. 


In my 25+ years in the music business it never ceases to amaze me at the lack of vision and knowledge by those in charge of coordinating memorable occasions.  The entertainment can make or break a celebration yet the importance and emphasis are almost always not at the forefront in the minds of planners.  The  most important suggestion that I can give is to never assume anything!   Please keep in mind that these are merely suggestions and not conditions.  We will always do our best to adapt seamlessly to any circumstance to make your event the best that it can be.



Set up location of the entertainment is essential both from a visual perspective and from an audio as well.

A corner is not an optimum location for a band yet time after time that is where they end up being placed.  What generally happens is the coordinator takes care of what is the priority in their mind i.e.: tables, flowers, linen etc. all of which are important yet overlooking possibly the single most important aspect of setting the festive mood which is the music.  A corner does not allow for an efficient set up as the angle is not conducive for this and the sound projection is not ideal from a corner.  The ideal location is from an elevated location, centrally located with the backs of musicians to a wall.  Stages in halls and auditoriums are designed for audio/visual projection and are the ideal location for a band.

Tip #3                                                                                                                                                   Make sure that the stage/set up area itself is large enough.                                                              The size of the stage/set up area is almost always underestimated. It is necessary to have ample room to set up The PA system in a manner that would evenly distribute the sound throughout the venue. The more spread out the band is, the more visually appealing the entertainment will be. Sound system set up and running sound is an art form that requires strategic consideration of the shape and acoustics of the venue related to a number of factors such as the number of guests, sound obstructions and inhibitors. An analogy would be comparing the cooling efficiency of a wall unit (band crunched together in a tight spot) compared to the cooling efficiency of central air (band spread out). Please keep in mind that we will do our best no matter where we are placed (even in a walk in closet) but if the opportunity exists to maximize the potential of the music by accommodating the appropriate set up, please heed these suggestions.

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