Do you have back up equipment? 

Yes! Another distinction of Demetri and The Islanders is the peace of mind knowing that we have back up equipment for everything! In the improbable event of technical difficulty, the down time would be brief and most likely go unnoticed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any additional cost beyond what is quoted?

No! Our prices are all inclusive!

Which professional DJs do you recommend?

Through the years we have worked with several DJs some of which have been good, some bad and the majority mediocre. It is essential that a professional DJ and the musicians work together to make the event the best that it can be but the egos of some DJs can create a conflict as to what the guests want versus the DJ wanting to be the center of attention and not a leader of festivity. A band DJ combination can be great when the majority of guests are not Greek. The DJs that we recommend are all sure things when it comes to a professional DJ service who share the common vision with the band to make the event festive and fun for everyone. They all are articulate, have quality equipment, and a stellar reputation.

Felix professional DJ service (727) 327-8895

Joe Lorenzo (727) 344-0304

Grant Hemond and Associates (727) 736-2316





How far do you travel? 

There is no limit to the distance we will travel to perform. We have performed at locations throughout the Southeast portion of the U.S. and have also performed at locations such as Chicago, Dallas, Bahamas, New York, and Greece. We have also performed on several cruises that have traveled to Mexico, Central America, Eastern and Western Caribbean. For upcoming cruises please refer to our Special Features page. We look forward to the opportunity to share our music with as broad of an audience as possible. 

How often do you take breaks? 
We pride ourselves in the fact that we are an energetic and spirited group who are there to perform
music and not take breaks. We make every effort when possible to coordinate breaks with other activities and presentations such as dance groups, DJ's, speeches etc. We make every effort to be on stage performing without interruption. We do not stop when there is a dance floor full of happy people and on many occasions have gone over 4 hours non stop! 

What do we need to provide for the band?


 For every event it is imperative that a conveniently located, clean and uninterrupted power source be provided. Nothing else should be using power from the circuit that the band will be utilizing especially pro lighting, flood lights, ovens, warmers etc that could cause interference and damage to our highly sensitive electronic equipment. The optimum outlet should be 30 Amps (or 2 15 Amp) outlets, however a standard 15 Amp outlet will suffice as long as there is absolutely nothing else plugged into the outlet/circuit. A prudent set up location must be provided - please see our Event Tips page for set up suggestions. The suggested minimum dimensions are as follows: 
1 musician 16 feet wide 8 feet deep 
2 musician 18 feet wide 8 feet deep 
3 musician 20 feet wide 8 feet deep 
4 musician 22 feet wide 8 feet deep 
5 musician 24 feet wide 8 feet deep 
For all outside events the area where the band will set up must be covered to provide sufficient protection from the elements such as rain or direct sunlight. The floor must be on solid ground that is free of moisture, standing water, or draining water. 



What type of attire do you wear? 
Our attire consists of coordinated dress to present a professional, festive look with a more upscale attire for Weddings, Christenings and other formal events.


Do you offer DJ service at no additional cost?

 Yes! Even when we are not playing live we provide a constant flow of music. Our sound system consists of powerful, top of the line equipment that reproduces sound that is noise free and crystal clear. Our sound quality for programmed (not live) music far exceeds that of most DJ's. We have the capability to play CD's, cassettes, and MP3's. At times when we are not performing live, we will provide appropriate music from an extensive library of standards, popular Greek, American, and international music. Our main emphasis is always on live performance so if you have an extensive request list and desire all live mixing, then there are several professional DJ's that we recommend. We work extremely well with DJ's who share the same vision of making the event the best that it can be. We gladly will work with any professional DJ, however there are some amateur DJ's who reflect poorly upon us and we would rather not be associated with them so please let us know which DJ you will be using. This is almost never a problem but we would like to take every precaution to make sure every event is a success. Please see below for recommended professional DJs

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